Alle gute Gabe und alle vollkommene Gabe kommt von oben herab, von dem Vater des Lichts… Die Bibel

For Your Kids Posts

Duplo World – Android Game App

I can only highly recommend the DUPLO WORLD app for Android. Our daughter loves to while away the time. The first level is free and it already offers a lot of fun and learning for the little ones. The other levels can be bought additionally. The prices seem a bit more...

Toon Blast – The Comic Adventure

Toon Blast is an amusing game that I can recommend for children too. It is about achieving certain goals in an arrangement of colored blocks. Adjacent blocks of the same color can be removed. There are additional difficulties and extras such as missiles and bombs...

Super Tux Cart – A Funny Game

For a change, something fun. With the Super Mario Kart clone, Super Tux Kart brings out a sociable game that is exciting and funny at the same time. On various racetracks you can compete against each other with the help of mutual harassment - but in a funny way. The...

Software for Your Kids – Section

In this category I will list some useful software apps for your kids. As parents it is sometimes very difficult to find games or applications that are not crowded with negativity. So I decided to support you in this and list the best apps and programmes for kids I know.

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