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Use your chances

Erstellt von Thomas Sommer

15. September 2020

An old Latin saying is: “Carpe Diem!”. That means: seize the day! It literally even means: pick the day. If you see your days as something to reap, then you are already entering it with a more positive and also grateful attitude.
I believe that God offers every person new opportunities every day, which he can use for the good of himself and others. If you give up, you are already losing and wasting your time. Be positive even on a bad day!
I’ve seen people complain about their situation many times. But they could make a lot more of it if they took the God-given opportunities.

Prayer: You can always pray as long as you live. God will not leave any prayer unanswered. Prayer always moves something in heaven. Sometimes on earth it may seem like nothing happens when you pray. But God always listens and will always respond to a prayer.

Search for opportunities: those who look will find. This is how the Bible teaches. In fact, you will find if you just look for solutions. You can also seek advice from others. But one thing is up to you: you have to be active. Keep moving! Certainly there is also a need for times of rest in which you can reach out to God and new visions. But it needs to be implemented, otherwise the new insights gained will remain lifeless.

Don’t be lazy: try to motivate yourself. Talk to others you trust when you can’t get excited about something that seems important to you.
There is no blessing on laziness. Read the Book of Proverbs in the Bible about it. It will give you great insight on this. Diligence is something that will pay off.

Do not raise yourself: this is very important. Let God exalt you, he will reward your loyalty and dedication as soon as the time comes.

Now I wish you every success and that you can tread new paths with God.

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