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Flippa – Buy or Sell Websites

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17. März 2021

FLIPPA is an online auctioning site that works as a marketplace for people
to buy or sell domain names, websites, or apps.

If you own a domain name that you’re probably not using, you could simply
list it on the site for a small cost; and when an interested buyer sees it,
they will make an offer and if you’re interested, then you could sell off.

Also, if you’re looking for websites or apps for yourself, you can buy as well.

Based in Melbourne, Australia; Flippa is one of the biggest online marketplace for
web-based businesses, with almost 5,000 new domain names and apps being enlisted for sale everyday.
It also boasts a large audience with over 800,000 registered members.


Domain flip – where you sell or buy a domain name that has increased in value
Building to Flip – a term used to refer to the websites you built with an intention of selling them later.
Prebuilt site flip – which is simply a site you actively worked on and decided to quit maybe due to lost interest; but wanted
to make a profit before parting away with it.

One of the greatest mistake that you ought to avoid when selling a website/app on Flippa is: rushing the process and
failing to declare the relevant info. To solve this; always write a thorough description of a site before putting it on the market slot.
This will help increase bids and also provide higher success rate for selling your site.


First you need to get an account at Flippa; by registering here:
Then, you’ll be presented with Buyer or seller essentials that are almost identical to terms of the site;
and helps you to grasp your obligations as a user of the site.

  1. If you wish to sell a domain/website/an app, you can list it here:
  2. you need to provide certain details in relation to the product you are selling.
  3. You will also have to create title, detailed descriptions that can help a buyer find your listing much easier and quicker.

(The secret on the title and description is to write in a manner that provides eye-catching info and try to answer
possibly much of the questions a willing buyer might have)

  1. Then you have to set whether your commodity is for private or public auction.
    (offers for Private auction site are private. No one else will know how much a site was sold for except the buyer and the seller only.)
  2. If you chose public auction, you have to set a reserve price
    (the lowest amount you can accept for the listed website/app)
  3. Next set a starting price (this is the lowest value at which bids should begin at.)
  4. You have to choose your payment method. How do you want to receive/make payment? for example: electronic transfer, PayPal, etc
    It’s important to note that Flippa is not involved on payment process. This is between the auction winner and the seller.
    Flippa only contacts the winning bidder and the seller of the website/domain/app.

After paying the listing fee, your listed property is automatically added to the products on sale on the Flippa website. All you have to do
is wait for buyers to place their bids (the highest amount that someone is willing to pay).

Private Auction sales can lasts upto 180 days but the public auction only has a 30 day limit.

Flippa also has the ‘Buy It Now’ privilege; which when a seller uses on the product, a willing buyer can buy the product on the spot.

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