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Grammarly – Software For Language: My Thoughts

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20. Oktober 2021

Grammar is a set of rules that hold your language together.

Language is complex. It is a thought provocating process. We never stop learning in all our lives. To improve on language, you have to learn and relearn more. There’s no easy way or shortcuts out of learning!

As you practise language, you become better – not relying on someone else to learn on our behalf.

Learning involves whole personalities (your beliefs, interests, values, and senses), not just thoughts. You ought to make sense when interpreting feelings and events into words.

Nowadays, most students seem to be relying on AI and tech in general to find a rhythm that flows with their lifestyles. One of the software, is Grammarly – an online tool for writing.

Please Note: Grammarly is both good but not so good at the same time. Let’s take a look

Spoiler alert: Grammarly is only useful in a limited context. Though it’s meant to make you a better writer, you’d still need a lot more than grammarly to point out mistakes and improve your writing skills in general.

When is it suitable to use Grammarly?

To find misspellings, punctuation errors and typos. You might consider passive corrections functions and suggestions, but not fully reliable.

Where can I work with Grammarly?

It’s available as a browser addon, also on email providers such as gmail, outlook. You can use it on google docs and even on social media platforms.

Grammarly is not available for offline use

To use grammarly, you’d need stable internet connection. The AI program has to analyze and suggest changes to your text.

Additionally, only English language is supported. Maybe in future more might be included, but for now – not yet.

Grammarly often lacks the understanding of a writer’s use of prose

Prose is verbal/natural flow of speech. Normal human conversations, relies on ordinary way of talking without formal metrical structures.

For instance, a tutor who’s marking student’s papers may come across some papers with odd pseudo-synonyms; only to find out that the students used an AI program’s suggestions, which blindly lead them away from their own trail of thoughts.

For Master Thesis writing – you might need to trust your intuition more than any tools out there. Don’t use suggestions that make no sense or those that take away what you are trying to say.

If you tend to mispell a lot, Grammarly will be perfect in highlighting such – but other functions, be careful.

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