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Having An Effective Service Website

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1. Juni 2021

Whether you are a freelance photographer, own a hardware store, or have another type of small business, a great website is essential for success. If you are looking to build a new startup website or make your current site more effective ,follow these steps to get started and help your small business website compete effectively in the online marketplace.

Creating a professional service website

01. Launch your website

The first step is to select a website builder that meets all your design and business needs at once. Chosen by millions of businesses around the world, Wix is one of the best website builders on the market. It’s a user-friendly, professional option filled with advanced web design features and business capabilities. You can get started by choosing from one of the many fully customizable website templates available.

02. Choose a layout

When it comes to the layout of your site, there are two main schools of design: the classic website and the one-pager. Both are great options, and your choice depends on your business’s specific needs.

The classic option includes separate pages for each section of your service based website. This is an excellent choice if you have a wide variety of content – say, a blog, photo gallery or FAQ page – that you’d like to distribute across different locations of your site.

A one-page website, on the other hand, is limited to a single page. Each menu item takes the user to a different section of the same page, rather than leading to separate ones. The advantage of this method is that you can control the order in which viewers see your content, plus it works great on mobile. An increasing number of businesses are opting for the latter due to its strong design and simplicity.

03. Brand your website

We know you’ve put a lot of thought into creating the look and feel of your brand. To maintain the brand identity your customers recognize and love, make sure those elements are carried over onto your website.Some important tips to customize your site so that it reflects your brand can include Getting a domain,Creating a custom logo and Choosing your colors.

04. Add the right pages

Now it’s time for the fun part. Think of all the content you want to add to your service website, and determine the most strategic way to organize it. It’s your business, so you can decide how many (and which) pages to include. Here are the most popular options:

  • Homepage

This is the central hub of your website. Since it’s often people’s first impression of your brand, it should be both attention-grabbing and informative. Make sure it prominently displays your company’s name and clearly explains what you do.

  • Bookings page

To drive more revenue, you’ll want to add an online scheduling system that lets customers book and pay for your services online. While you can place your online scheduling platform anywhere on your site, many businesses opt to include a separate bookings page. That way, you’ll be able to lay out your services in an intuitive, organized way that includes all the essential details, like name, pricing and availability.

  • About page

The About Us page offers a personal description of your business. It’s a great place to share the story of who you are, from the origins of your business to your professional achievements and the company mission statement. If you work with multiple staff members, you can also include a Meet the Team section that makes it easy for visitors to get to know your organization.

  • Contact page

If visitors need to spend time looking for your contact information, they may decide it’s not worthwhile reaching out or purchasing your service. For that reason, add a separate page or section dedicated to all of your contact information. This should include phone numbers, email, social media accounts, a contact form and any other possible way clients can get in touch with you.

  • Blog

A blog is an invaluable platform for building a loyal community, establishing yourself as an authority in the field, and driving traffic to your site. In fact, 72% of online marketers say that content creation is their most effective SEO, or search engine optimization, tactic when it comes to ranking high on search engines and increasing your number of site visitors.

  • Testimonials

Nothing is more impressive to a potential client than positive, unbiased reviews of your excellent service. For many customers, good reviews are the driving factor in their decision to convert. With that in mind, include a testimonials page on your site – it’s an important marketing tactic that can lead to sales.

  • PR coverage

If you get published in notable publications, make this a point on your website. Just like testimonials, this will improve your brand’s credibility and further position your company as an industry leader.

  • FAQ page

By including an FAQ page, you can provide answers to questions that may naturally come up while clients browse your site. This helps potential customers feel comfortable about your product and builds trust in your brand.

05. Add a scheduling system to sell your services

Next, add a scheduling system to your site so that customers can book and pay for your services online.With this you’ll be able to drive revenue to your business in a way that’s convenient and efficient for both you and your customers.In just minutes, you can take your offerings and package them as a service – whether it’s a one-on-one appointment with clients, a video class, or a multi-session course.

06. Pay attention to SEO

SEO is the practice of optimizing your site so that your pages can rank higher in search engine results. While this may sound daunting, you can get started in a few simple steps:

Choose the right domain name

Sign up to Google My Business

Use strategic keywords throughout your site

Wix SEO is a comprehensive and free solution that efficiently guides you through these steps.

07. Make your website mobile-friendly

More than 50% of all website traffic worldwide comes through smartphones. This number is only increasing, which means that it’s crucial to make your booking services easily accessible to everyone through mobile.

To optimize for mobile browsing, you’ll need to make sure your site is readable and navigable on a small screen. Wix takes care of that for you, ensuring the mobile version of your site looks beautiful on any device.

08. Get a second opinion

Before you hit publish to take your site live, make sure everything looks and works the way you intended. Preview your website and browse the layout, and remember to proofread it a couple times.You can even ask a trusted companion to look over things – the more eyes that can spot mistakes ahead of time, the better.

09. Promote your services

Once you’ve published your service website, promote it so that people learn about your brand. A great way to get started is by spreading the word on social media.

10. Keep your site up-to-date

To achieve the best possible results, keep your site fresh and up-to-date. This includes adapting to the latest trends and adding new blog content to build up your authority in your field. This gives you valuable insights into your booking statistics, such as the number of new and returning customers and your most popular pricing plans.By creating a website that enables customers to purchase your services online, you’ll take your business to new heights – and increase your revenue as a result.

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