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Hope for Business and Beyond

Erstellt von Thomas Sommer

29. März 2021

I hear stories from people struggling in their lives to make a living, especially in Africa. They try but very often it is only enough to for a minimum income that doesn’t pay the monthly bills.

Yes, they have hope and motivation sometimes, but also fear and unsureness if they can manage. Although we have a higher standard in the Western areas we sometimes fight exactly the same problems:

  • Will my plans work?
  • How do I manage to generate a living?
  • Where to invest…

I think in the money doesn’t grow on trees in this world, but due to the Internet and worldwide connection you are not that limited like in earlier days if you want to start a business.

The other side is that we live in a very short-lasting time, where products and trends are outdated very fast. The big cooperations mostly sell short-term-items that you have to throw away in about 2-5 years. Computers – you will always need that latest technology, and so on…

But nevertheless there is hope in these times of uncertainity.

One the hand you can rely on very good technical systems, but even more than that, you have the chance to invite the living God into your life. By doing so you will not walk alone anymore. You can have a real partner at your side. Although you can’t see him, you can feel him, the touches of the Holy Spirit. He touches your mind, your feelings and your body.
This all might sound a bit unfamiliar to you, yes, but it is really experienceable. All you have to do is to
speak to God, he will surely answer. Best way is to go via his son, Jesus Christ, who died to bridge the
gap between man and God. But anyway.. just start to talk to him, he will reveal himself to you.
With this partner on board you can go far and beyond. You will reach territories that you were closed to
you before. This can be in business as in private life, in your relationships, in your family.
Why not ginving it a try. Only thing that can hold you back is your anxiety, or your pride. Just believe
and start a journey of real values.
I can give witness about this by myself: From drug addiction to a drug free life, with family and good
friends that are not just there for you if they want something from you.

If you think you can’t do it, be aware: God can do it.

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