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How Outsourcing Can Scale Up Your Small Business

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17. November 2021

One of the main challenges that small businesses face is the skill shortage. If you’ve ever had a startup of your own, you’d agree with me that access to capabilities can be quite tricky, and if not careful might hinder your plans to upscale.

Another challenge is the capital – enough cash flow to pay for such capabilities.

The kind of businesses that can operate remotely with minimal on-site physical role players, it’s easier to outsource much of its work.

Twitter and Facebook – though they are huge global companies, have many of their employees working remotely, and this environment allows easier collaboration of workforce globally with minimal effort.

How to outsource effectively

If your business needs on-site employees, then it’s important to prioritize locally-based talent. Remember as a small business, you want to minimize expenditure and sustain the business on the budgetary constraints available.

Secondly, rely more on innovative solutions that require less monitoring.

For example, if you are a farmer – you may have a challenge with the weather shifts and don’t know when to water your crops. Also, if you are in a place where water is scarce, you need to effectively consider all these factors – so as to gain high yields. In this case, you’d need to rely on tech and easy-to-use software that gives you reports on areas such as soil moisture content, market analysis, pesticides, etc.

For internet-based businesses, there are sites that offer a platform for your business to work with a 100% virtual team necessary for your growth.

This remotely-managed team would reduce your work size as well as the budget by up to 75% or more, compared to having an actual team in a physical office. So, make use of such platforms. Good examples include:

  • Hubstaff Talent, Fiverr,, Upwork, etc: are portals for freelancers, offering virtual services in almost every field possible, including marketing and sales, translations, admin tasks, etc.

Alternatively, if you want to do every task but are looking to maximize innovation instead of relying on actual people, these recommended platforms can be a good starting point.

  • MediaPlatform: for webinars and virtual event broadcast
  • SEMrush: Ideal for SEO site audit, PPC keyword research, competitor and backlink analysis, as well as Search Query ranks
  • Mailchimp, Zoho campaigns, Everest: are some of the popular products used for email marketing tasks
  • Zoho social, Buffer, and Hootsuite: ideal for social media management
  • Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks: best for accounting and tax compliance reports

The list is endless when it comes to outsourcing innovative platforms.

Outsourcing is meant to help your business produce more for less, so at to maximize profits.

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