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Importance of Project Management & Using project management tools

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14. September 2020

Project management is knowing what you want done, how to do it, how long it will take to achieve it; and using the necessary tools to ensure a smooth and steady progress.
It exists virtually! Ensures that there are no failures and problems, if any, are minimized.
In most cases, teamwork is involved. And the project management objective is to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the goal plans. It communicates various aspects such as: Which stage have you reached? or what are the next steps to take?
Most of our daily goals can be classified as projects! Say home renovation, meetings, etc.
As an individual, if you portray yourself as a project manager, it’s easier to achieve more and crash your project goals, with such a mindset. Project management tools are meant to help you stay organized and achieve your set goals on time.
Some aid in monitoring every stage of goal development in detail. With a careful consideration on any possible hitch along the way.
Team members, if coordinated well through project management, the entire project might be concluded without compromises on time, quality and cost.

Important project management tools

(listed in no particular order)

Wrike is designed with a simple User Interface, and contains two main categories. The actual Project Management itself and Team Collaboration
Some of the key benefits include:
cloud storage – which provides an instant reliable access to all colleagues whenever they need work info. Additionally, since it’s not a software you need to install on your computer that translates to no maintenance or extra training needed to use it.
Secure – Cloud storage guarantees limited access to your sensitive information; and in the event that your computer develops an issue such as malware attacks, system failure, or theft, all you need to find another laptop or tablet, then log in online to continue running your tasks.
Free Trial – Test it to see if it fits your needs, before using the premium version.

Pricing: Free (for simple, shared task list for small teams upto 5 users). The paid version starts at $9.80/mo per user.
An alternative to this is: ClickUp, which allows you to see what other team members are working on, and flexibility to set tasks for both personal needs and work-related projects. Comes with a free trial but with limited storage of upto 100MB, though unlimited projects can be managed using this.

⦁ Asana
Quite popular. It’s easy to use after understanding what each function does, and given it’s simplified visuals – that’s an added advantage. Some of the top features include timeline function, which allows you to plot timeline with the rest of the team and see who’s working on what at any given time! It also provides an estimate on when a given project can be completed.
Pricing: Basic Free package for teams getting started. Paid versions start at $10.99/mo per used – for annual billing.

Other notable mentions include: , , ,

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