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Pixabay – A High Quality Images Provider

Erstellt von Chris

20. März 2021

Pixabay is a website that provides you with high quality images, vectors and videos that are free of copyright. This means that you can use the images for both personal and commercial purpose; without worrying about copyright infringement, although the depicted content may still be subject to privacy rights.

There are also sponsored images displayed alongside the free ones on the site. Mostly stock images from sites such as:, but they are marked with their respective logos. This is useful because, if you can’t find what is preferable on the free version, suggested images on the third-party platform will be available as well.

Another advantage of pixabay is that you can rely on the ‘SafeSearch‘ mode to avoid inappropriate or explicit images from being displayed on your search results.

If you have nice video clips or images and want to share them with the public, you might consider being a contributor to their site. Your content is examined before being uploaded to their platforms for public use.

Every content uploaded into Pixabay’s servers is covered by Creative Commons CCO into public domain. Meaning, the owner grants anyone worldwide the rights to use the article for any purpose. Also, as a publisher; you are responsible for your own content.

Should you want to support the Pixabay site with donations, as an appreciation for their service, you have a chance to do so via paypal or bitcoins on their site as well.

Have a wonderful experience on Pixabay!

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