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Tech Savvy Internet Marketers, what it takes

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20. Juli 2020

Why Tech Savvy is Necessary in today’s Internet Marketing Industry

The advertising and marketing industry has tremendously changed over time; and keeps doing so everyday. This means, some traditional marketing methods are being phased out. Why? Tech!
Welcome to the 21-st century, where millenial spend much of their time on mobile devices, and as an advertiser, unless you adapt to the new trends, you’ll lose big time!
It’s a fact that TV, Magazines, Billboards, etc can’t compete with Internet Marketing today
Being more tech savvy as an online marketer, means learning how to get your ahead of your competitors to get more customers to find you, your products and services online; or else, they will find someone else.
How does this help? For instance, With data gained from tools that help analyze your competitors marketing strategies, platforms, it’s easier to figure out better moves for your side
Simply put, to be tech savvy, you need to keep up with technology advancement and use that to add new customers and keep existing ones at the same time – with less effort.
The faster you get hold of the right advanced tools and market information, the better you gain competitive edge over your competitors

Essential basic internet marketing skills

As an online marketer, you are the link for resonating communication. That is, First, you get to figure out what your online guest are looking for and then helping them understand what your clients’ brand has to offer inline with their needs . Additionally, you don’t come to them with the pitching approach (asking them to buy anything back), instead you build trust so that when it comes to the point of making the buying decision – they will consider your clients’ brand and not the competitors.
These skills are important whether you are a beginner or experienced online marketing level.
⦁ Copywriting: aimed at capturing audience attention with limited number of words and space. The content ought to communicate value easily and should be quick to take it in. For word count, grammar correction, readability test, phrase alternatives, etc. I’d recommend this copywriting tool:
⦁ Email Marketing: Reliable for sending exclusive content, event invitations, sharing vital updates to your subscribers. For this to be realized effectively, you’d need a subscriber’s plugin or script to get consent of emailing any of the willing visitors. pop ups forms are a popular way of getting these user’s emails. When you have a ready list of email subscribers; there are couple of online tools for creating good designed email templates that help present and communicate your content better. These include: hubspot email marketing, sender, mailchimp, omnisend…..
⦁ Search Engine Optimization: This is a bit complex and covers a wide aspects that include technicality too, for better results. But, it’s vital for any internet marketer to have. You need to learn how to well-structure any website content, incorporate outstanding keywords, optimize performance in terms of speed, responsive etc; and get your clients’ brand to appear on relevant search queries made in any given locality. SEO tools worth a try include: ,, &
⦁ Paid Ads (PPC & CPC): Since it might take awhile to top on search results especially for new websites and clients’ brands apps or online shop etc, pay per click advertising brings about a solution for relevant visibility within a short time. Though PPC guarantees a top spot on display sites and search queries that match your campaigns, ad relevance and quality is what differentiates marketers out there. This entails budget allocation, pooling target keywords, formats to use, platforms knowledge – both search engines and social media platforms, etc

Where to get some of these skills online

⦁ For PPC check Wordstream’s growth academy. It’s free and has great content for small businesses and marketing agencies.
⦁ has nice copywriting and SEO training courses for aspiring online marketers.
⦁ offers all inclusive free courses for both content and email marketing, paid ads, etc
⦁ and are video sites with nice posts that could prove worth learning from. Try them too
Note: It’s not a must to have all these skills when starting out. Some require tons of hours to learn and practice before charging clients. You could try one or two and perfect that, then keep increasing your skill set by learning a new one maybe yearly? It’s all up to you – and what your area of interest is.

Outsourcing for some of the tasks could come in handy if your skills on some areas are lesser or the work is more. Take a look below

Outsourcing Internet Marketing

To maximize results from Online Marketing, different initiatives come into play. But depending on the incorporated options, the entire internet marketing task could become overwhelming; and if not careful, your business might suffer on the long run. When you get on to the point that your marketing business is struggling to keep up the startegies laid out or the marketing campaign performance is less than anticipated, then you should consider outsourcing your campaign!
Outsourcing is not for everyone though, for instance if your internet marketing business is a small one or on startup stages, in this case your limited budget might not be possible to outsource some of the work.
Some considerations when picking outsourcing partners include:
⦁ Look for them that communicate your business’ goals!
⦁ Also look for detailed pricing options and what you can receive in return for the value of the fees quoted.
⦁ Portfolio. This will expound the level of tasks prior handled and the experience they have.
⦁ If they have customer relationship/account managers, seek to know the frequency of communication and what/when your outsourced tasks are on progress or completed reports are generated.
⦁ Binding contract terms – how flexibe are they, should your marketing strategy change, or unnecessary expenses that you were unaware of, cancellation terms too.

Joint Venture for successful Internet Marketing

Joint venture is created between a person who has developed a new and innovative product or service and an established Internet Marketer who has spent a huge amount of time developing online reputation.
This Joint Venture setup grants the product designer a clear access to potential customers that he/she would not have accessed on their own whereas the experienced Internet Marketer adds a new product on part of their their marketing list.
Additionally, both parties gain profit that neither of them would have made without the other. joining forces and pooling resources and talents, a Joint Venture allows all parties to accomplish more than any one of them could have accomplished alone.
Whether starting out or been in the internet marketing for awhile, the Joint Venture is probably the quickest way to make meaningful profit on low-cost operation.
Sometimes, even established Internet Marketers who have been around for a long time do enter into a Joint Venture enterprise regardless of the nature of business say, in direct competition with one another!
Why would direct competitors consider Joint Venture?
Simply put, to combine advertising services, tools of trade, skill set and pool of customers, etc. of two different website owners for a specific project.
For startups, this approach is great since you have a larger partner that covers the areas that might be inaccessible for your small business, and works to help you grow over time too!

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