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3 Tips when starting your own business

Erstellt von Chris

9. September 2020

This is 21st Century. How about starting your business with a different approach out of the norm?

  1. The most important part of starting any business; is the start. Once you figure out there’s a business idea you have and like it; then start testing it.
    Don’t go through the process of creating a business plan, until you’ve tried the idea in the market and figured out the response, reaction and feel. Making small steps is ideal before running big.
    For instance, Say you have a product or a service that you’d like to bring forth; first, try it with a small circle of friends or acquintances or within the neighborhood.
    This will be vital during business plan since you will already be having a context and broaden knowledge of the idea.
  2. Draw a line between self-employment and entrepreneurship.
    As a self-employed person; you are working full time and if you’re not in the business, there’s no business. Whereas as an entrepreneur; before you start, you need to figure out how to replace yourself from the most vital areas of your business operations. (In other words, can you get a team of people that deliver your vision, while you manage them.) So, you need to know who yo are from the two.
  3. Always do something that’s important to you and you’re passionate about.
    There will come a time in your business when the only thing that keeps it alive is your passion for it! That season might be – for instance, when clients pay late, or your costs are higher than your income, or the suppliers need upfront pay, or there’s no cashflow at all!
    So, loving and enjoying what you do will help keep afloat for much longer, what’s important to you – in this case, your business.

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