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Building Your Career Experience

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2. Juni 2021

Everyone who starts out in the working world will encounter the dreaded Permission Paradox: you cannot find a job without experience, yet you cannot get any experience without a job. It’s a textbook Catch-22 that’s discouraging and seems almost impossible to overcome.

And if you currently have the day job that pays the bills but isn’t quite building towards your career goals, or you want to switch career tracks, then you have to be smart about collecting the skills you need to bolster your resume. Beyond the day job, there are ways to demonstrate and build the skills that will look good to future employers and prove your worth in a new position. It may take a little bit of hustle and some extra unpaid labor, but it can pay off in the long run.

The below tips for building experience can help you go from zero to hero in a very reasonable amount of time:


You definitely don’t always need to get a degree but of course sometimes you do.Take classes, attend workshops, get certificates and diplomas, and if you have to, earn a degree. This will not only help you get the knowledge for the job, but also show your dedication and commitment. Plus: teachers and fellow students are a great way to start and expand your network.


Volunteer for a project to demonstrate you have the required experience and add it to your resume. volunteer work can broaden your experience and exposure to life where work can’t or doesn’t.

volunteering does more than help communities and keep you healthy. it also helps you do better on the job. the united health care survey revealed that volunteering provides employees with a number of measurable benefits, including better time management and people skills.


If you’d like to develop new skills while also learning more about a specific career, consider pursuing internship opportunities in the field. you’ll be gaining important work experience and valuable insights into the industry. you’ll also be able to network with different professionals in the field, who could later serve as a reference or even notify you of a job opening.


Creating a blog or a side business helps you learn the skills required for your dream job and then you can add it to your resume. this is exactly what i did when i was job searching and wanted to change industries.


It’s time to get out some pens and paper and make a big Venn diagram that can help guide your way to success: List all the skills, experience, and the personal traits needed for your future job. Then, add the skills, experience, and personal traits you already have and see where the two circles overlap. You can use this as a reference to see what you need to improve and what you can highlight in your CV and cover letter.


Building a relationship with a mentor or coach in your career field can help you learn more about the industry from someone with direct experience. the right mentor will be able to offer realistic insights and valuable advice on how to meet your career goals and guide you on the path toward success in your field. sometimes all you need is a little extra guidance and support.


Learn everything there is to know about the career experience you want to achieve. This will not only prepare you for the career – it will also help you when networking and interviewing for jobs. To become an expert in your field, interact in forums, read blogs, and join groups both online and offline. Make sure you also know some key names in the business – online and offline; locally, nationally and even internationally.

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