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The Right Starting Point For Any Successful Business

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19. November 2021

Gone are the days when a business plan was required as the starting point for any business; whether small or medium.

Unfortunately, most college students and university graduates consume and rush to implement such kinds of lessons. Faculties teach them how to set up a business plan and source successful funding for their ventures.

Anyway, we ain’t here to jeer at campus professors

So, to save you lots of hard work hours and long term on “the learning curve” – why don’t we figure out how to set up  a successful business instead?

It all starts in your thoughts!

That’s what makes a business succeed or fail. It starts in your thoughts.

How do you think? The only way you’ll succeed is if you focus your mind on a business and execute your thoughts effectively while on focus. Let’s take a look:

Anyone who succeeds in anything they do, usually they have a focal point.

The world today is fast-paced. Opportunities come in smaller sizes and if you lack focus, you can blink and miss it.

Focus is centered on 3 things. The particular area of interest, state of producing clear visuals and adapting to the prevailing level of light to the maintainability of clarity.

Focusing on the Area of Interest

This is the focal point. Could happen intentionally or by chance. Identifying what challenges or problems a certain location has, helps you come up with an area of interest. Training your mind into paying close attention into a current moment is crucial.

One of the best ways to centralize focus on a particular area is by applying the “single-pointed concentration” method. Think of it as meditation. Thinking positively on an area that you have developed an interest in, and directing your entire attention on coming up with a solution for the same.

Create room for openness on new ideas that will lead you into coming up with the right product/service.

An idea is best explored by analyzing its worth possible outcome. How will it drive you to profit while solving the existing problem?

To prioritize inputs and still produce value, think like this:

How do I acquire and use the best assets that efficiently create maximum value, with minimal efforts and expenses?

For example: Do I have the right skill set for this idea or do I have time to learn it and gain experience on it, or is it cheaper to hire someone competent on the same?

II. Focus on Producing clear visuals

This is the job of a marketer. The question that keeps ringing in your mind, as a marketer is: How do I position my product on the customer’s mind?

Defining your product’s attribute in the clearest way that your target market understands – is the right strategy.

To achieve this, you’ll need to come up with appealing, creative, and easy-to-remember statements; that define your product/service.

Simply put, think like a customer

III. Focus on Prevailing level that gives you clarity maintainability

Prevailing is about defeating an opponent, especially in a long or tough contest.

Remember, you aren’t the only one available in the market. There are others, some came before you, while others are planning to come up with products similar to yours.

Think like a presidential candidate on a campaign or debate. How do you manage to convince and persuade someone towards making a decision to try your product?

Is your product better than before? What new flavors did you come up with? Use that to influence and stay superior over your competitors, in that same market.

Never compromise your quality, let it always be good or improved but not downgraded.

Fail and Get up

Most startups rarely succeed on their first attempt.

There are things you’ll learn along the way and your ability to make proper adjustments in time, will determine your business’ success shapeup.

The faster you fail and learn, the quicker you’ll succeed.

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