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Becoming an Independent Person

Erstellt von William

24. Februar 2021

Experience will teach you better in life and the cost involved is priceless because all that you will learn will play an important factor in your development as an indivdual.Nothing comes to you on a silver platter so you have to work hard for this unless of course. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what status in life you’re in when it comes to getting your own independence. Everyone fights their own battles and everyone has different stories to begin with therefore trying to claim your own rights in this world totally varies per individual.

Letting yourself be independent will count in so many factors which will eventually lead to your at most freedom of whatever you want to achieve.Follow the steps below and you will get independence:

8 Steps on How to be Independent


First of all, you have to be sure that you are ready to do this. You need to have your thoughts, emotions and heart set for this  chapter of your life. You can’t just simply go by having second thoughts because that only means you are not ready and you need some time to get all of your shit together and be sure about this.It is important to talk to other people about this big step and ask someone who is already independent  and ask them how’s the real situation ,so you can have some first-hand real scenario information.


You don’t have to be successful at the beginning to act like it. As long as you are confident and friendly, people will generally accept you are who you say you are.Start doing whatever it is you need to do.


If you’re independent without a plan, you’re not independent – you’re actually just blind to how dependent you actually are. This drives your friends and family absolutely crazy, so stop it. Get yourself a plan, and make it a good one. Sticking to your own plan is how you avoid following or obstructing others.


Now that you have plans, turn those plans into habits by making a conscious effort to continue following them. Every time you follow through with your plan, you’re one step closer to making it a habit. Habits are much easier to follow, as they’re ingrained in your very nature. You become unconsciously drawn to these actions to the point that it actually takes effort to stop. This is when you know you have made it.


As you become more and more comfortable in your independence, it’s vital to exercise your freedom. It’s in exercising your freedoms that they become stronger. Deciding is the easiest way to exercise your freedoms. By deciding, you’re creating your path, your way. Start deciding what you want and learn to get it.


Remember you are never isolated. You’re always in a world surrounded by other people, and it’s important to be compassionate to those around you. Just because you’re independent doesn’t make you an automatic CEO, nor will you be treated as one. Learn where you really fit in and play your cards to the best of your ability instead of wishing for a new hand.


The only way you can survive independently is to take chances. Even if you have the best plans in the world, there will always be someone ready, willing and able to stop you. You’d be naïve to think you’re the one exception, so be willing to take risks. When these risks pay off, you’ll be a success, and if they fail, you at least have a great story.


If people are agreeing with you, you’re not disrupting enough to be independent. This isn’t to say you need to be an obnoxious jerk, but you do need to shake things up. Anyone can be agreeable up to a point, but if you’re always agreeing with people, you’re following them. Think for yourself and play hard every so often, just to keep everyone on their toes.

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