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God Promises Returns On Our Giving

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17. November 2021

Matthew 6: 19-20

This Biblical conversation between Jesus, the rich young man, and Jesus’ disciples, makes one thing clear: that God isn’t against wealth.

His concern though, is how a rich person can end up losing the opportunity to enter God’s Kingdom – because they don’t understand that earthly wealth doesn’t apply there. You can’t take any physical treasures such as estates, cars, farms or money, etc. into Heaven.

Note: Jesus isn’t saying that you can’t have wealth. All He is saying is that none of it can enter in, at least as you think.

Heaven is a spiritual Kingdom. Not a physical one.

To translate physical into spiritual treasure; Jesus shared the secret. i.e. Generosity That’s how one can lay up treasures for himself/herself in heaven.

God is not against wealth and prosperity

  • Joshua 1:8 – …for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will be successful
  • Psalm 1:3b –  Blessed manwhatever He does, prospers.
  • Psalm 35:27 – Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication and want what is right for me; Let them say continually, “Let the Lord be magnified, who delights and takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”
  • Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans that I am planning concerning you,’ declares Yahweh, ‘plans for prosperity and not for harm, to give to you a future and a hope.

God doesn’t sit down and look at you in your comforts and say “that’s wrong”. No. But He is concerned about those comforts causing you to lose your entry into His Kingdom and you losing them once you are out of the earth.

Out of generosity, we store up treasures in Heaven for ourselves. Though the Bible doesn’t mention the rewards based on the sizes of our donations and offerings, certain sacrifices are spoken of that receive greater rewards.

For instance, in Mark 10:29-30, there are those promised hundred-fold return for making certain sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel.

His promise that those people would receive 100 folds both on the earth and in heaven, He didn’t imply that they would get in return material possession a hundred times than what they had before. He wasn’t promising 100 children and 100 wives or 100 houses, etc.

Instead, He meant that among the family of believers, these people would be welcomed and have them as one large family.


Wrong doctrines and false preachers manipulate scriptures to persuade believers to give with expectations, only to be disappointed.

It’s important that you avoid prosperity preachers leaning on material possessions, in the name of God’s rewards to you.

God doesn’t promise us rewards for giving money to preachers directly. on contrary, He rewards generosity. Our willingness to share what we have with those who lack and are in need. This is what He rewards.

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