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How To Have God – And Not Money – As Your Master

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21. Oktober 2021

We all struggle with money issues. Sometimes, money seems to control us. The majority of the people work from 9 to 5 (That’s at least 1/3 of a day spent in pursuit of money ), live from one paycheck to another.

Our minds trick us into thinking that the more money we have – the better our lifestyle. And working with this mindset allows us to give into money as our master!

How then do we give God control, and not money? Here are a few points to help you:

  • Stop comparison

Don’t compare what you have with what others do. Don’t say you are broke – simply because you can’t afford some luxuries in life.

The only way you can stop comparison is by learning to be content with what you have. Find satisfaction in what you have and where you are. Don’t stress about what the world’s opinion is – regarding your level of income.

  • Seek God and His Righteousness

It’s a foolish thing to desire temporary things. Quality is defined by longevity, and the ability to withstand harsh conditions that a product faces.

showcase what/who you are made of. Don’t use materialistic necessities to define your worth. Instead, have Faith in God. He has in store more and more than what’s left in your hands.

Service unto God is not limited to money only. In fact, lacking finances is the best environment for one to serve God. It helps scale your Faith towards God. You seek Him to provide.  You use your talent and skill to serve Him where possible.

Instead of worrying about your income and needs ahead; find time to pray, seek His will. Also, seek Him and not you to provide,  for all the missions or situations you’re concerned about (and this draws you closer to him)

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