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How to Stay Productive

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16. April 2021

First things first.What’s being productive or otherwise what’s productivity?People around the globe confuse between busy individuals and productive persons.There is a difference between being busy and being productive.Being busy is frantic and its fueled by perfectionism while being productive is to be focused and its fueled by purpose. Being busy is all about becoming good at everything but being really productive is about being great and perfect at a few important things.

In short, a productive individual must have the quality,power,efficiency and devotion of yielding satisfactory wants or creating utilities.There are different types of productivity namely:

(1)Labor productivity-its the ratio of output per person.

(2)Capital productivity-its the ratio of output of goods or services to the input of physical capital.

(3)Material productivity-its the ratio of physical output to the input of material or natural sources.

(4)Total factor productivity-It entails everything not included in  labor,capital and material productivity ratio formulas.

Productivity is one thing that we all strive to be excellent it doesnt matter what you do or where you work because everyone is looking for ways to be more productive on the job.Although we all have different ways of being productive,sometimes the simplest things can make us more productive than ever.

As an individual you need to know and understand that productivity benefits are obvious and are widely felt when implemented in a business environment,and thus has a number of importance which include:~

Increasing profitability

Lowering operational cost

Optimising resources

Improving customer service

Seizing the opportunity for growth

Reducing waste and environmental impact

Improving competitiveness

Reducing employee burnout

Enhancing wellbeing

Improving morale

Increasing engagement

Besides productivity being so important in our daily undertakings,it should be taken to consideration that there are important components or elements that constitute a productive individual,which include:-

1.PURPOSE- when we are on a purpose that is beyond just what we need to do,we achieve a greater sense of being productive and feel that we are actually accomplishing something.Ask yourself do I have a purpose am working towards?

2.FOCUS- To be productive,we must have an objective and keep moving toward that giving it all the attention its requires hence the value we create in our lives is where we focus our attention. Focus is an incredibly important trait,keep focus.

3.EFFICIENCY-Being efficient is doing things you already do,but this time faster and better.Efficiency involves experimentation which can be tiring as you are exercising your mental faculties and of course,its good in the Long run for mental development and memory retention.

4.CHOICES-Ultimately, though, being productive means making the correct choices, constantly improving workflow and having a decent feedback of the best ways of doing this is by being part of a self- improvement community.

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