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Humility – Becoming A More Humble Person

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2. März 2021

In this world where everyone is competing, there are two kinds of people, those who lack self-esteem and then there are those who are so egoistic, that humility is far from their sight and actions. You might want to be “perfect” in every way and even believe that you are so, but you need to be humble for respectable relationships in your life.

It is of core importance to be modest so that you can be a better friend and life partner. Your family won’t stay with you longer if you are an arrogant and snobbish person. No need to worry though, like the fact that you have realized you lack this quality, it will bring you closer to being one.Here are ways you can train yourself to have more humility in your soul:

Embrace your strengths

Embrace your strengths, but admit your weaknesses. Know who you are and who you are not. Be smart enough to realize that, while you’re good at some things, you’re not perfect. Thinking like this will keep you grounded.

Accepting compliments

Accept compliments, but don’t let them go to your head. When someone praises you for something you said or did, take their compliment to heart because they meant it. However, don’t let it bolster your ego so much that you can’t get your head out the door.

Be honest

Keep it real. Be honest with others. Don’t try to put up a mysterious front or act like you’re someone else. Just be you.

Don’t boast

Let your accomplishments speak for themselves. Just because you do great things doesn’t mean that you have to shout it from the rooftop. In fact, the more you speak of how wonderful you are, the less wonderful you actually become.

Ask for opinions

Ask other people their opinions. Find out what someone else thinks about things. Let them know that you value what they have to say by spending less time giving them your take on things and more time learning theirs.

Be open minded

Give others the benefit of the doubt. Be open minded and don’t rush to judgment. Things are rarely as they seem, so give faith and trust until and unless you decide you can’t.


Appreciate other people’s strengths. Give them credit when credit is due. Acknowledge when someone else is good at something by giving them positive, encouraging feedback.

Embrace individuality.

 When you’re humble, you’re not trying to be like everyone else. You’re comfortable in your own skin, which inspires others to be comfortable in theirs.

Know when to speak and when to listen

 And, if you handle this one appropriately, you’re going to be listening far more than speaking. You already know what you have to say, so why not spend your time learning what others have to say?

Learn As Much As Possible

Continue to learn as much as possible. Never have the attitude that you know everything there is to know. Want to improve your learning ability? Meditate. It switches your brainwave patterns from Beta to Alpha, giving you an increased ability to process, memorize and recollect large amounts of information.

Don’t be Mr right always

Admit when you don’t know the answer. Don’t try to fake your level of knowledge or skill by making up an answer when you don’t know one. Admit if you don’t know something.

Give more

Focus on giving, not receiving. When you’re truly humble, you realize that life isn’t about you. It’s about everyone else. It’s about making them feel good, appreciated and honored to be with you.

Practice humility

Humility is a virtue that many idolize but few practice. It doesn’t matter what others think about you, what matters is what you think. And, when you know you’re strong, talented and blessed, you don’t need to run around and tell everyone about it. It speaks for itself.Let it speak. The world will hear it loud and clear.

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