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Living your reality

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4. Februar 2021

The Laws of Attraction are concerned with how to draw close the things that you value and wish to acquire. This is achieved by forming the image of what you want, then attracting that within your reality. If what you want doesn’t already exist, you either need to create it or wait for someone else to do so.The Laws of Creation are not about attracting what you want, but rather creating through desires, imagination, expectation, belief, persistence and energy the things that you wish to exist within your life.


Carry Yourself with Pride

Make sure that your appearance is top-notch and you can smile and greet people as you move about your day. You are telling the universe that there is much for you to be proud of and the universe will accept that energy and deliver the respect of the people you encounter in your daily travels.

Engage in Something You Want to Be Doing Every Day

If you want to be an accomplished guitarist, the one thing that a famous guitarist and you have in common is that you both play the guitar every single day. Once you have one thing in common with your idealized goal, more synch-ups will follow.

Print Business Cards, Build a Website

If you have aspirations of professional success, the top people in your field have business cards, why shouldn’t you? If your aspirations are to succeed as a professional photographer, you might gain access to VIP events seeking coverage if you give their organizers your card.

Once you have the pictures from their event, media websites will be happy to take a look at your website and meet you in person, where handing them your business card immediately creates the reality that you are a professional photographer. Weren’t you just dreaming about this happening? If you were not, understand that this applies to whatever reality you wish to create.

Use an Artistic Medium to Visualize and Narrate the Life You Want

Is your dream to meet and marry your soulmate? What does he look like? Perhaps you should paint a picture of him before you meet him. Find pictures in old magazines and cut them into a representation of the house you will one day share with him. Write a short story to go with these pictures. As you create tangible evidence of your vision and desire, you create a reality that attracts these very things.

Tell Your Story with Honest Affirmatives

Many people take the ordinary things that have happened to them, things that happen to millions of people, and act like they are victims. This of course, creates a reality of victimhood. You can create your own reality of success and empowerment by relating the facts of your life in a manner that drives your narrative toward a positive climax. You are then creating a scene-by-scene journey for the universe to write in an amazing “happily ever after.”


Can you envision what you would look like at your absolute best? If you can imagine it you can envision it, and if you can envision it, you can create it and that will lead to you becoming it. Start your makeover by making sure you have the look you want and that it is a look that is easy for you to get into and stay in every day. Slowly begin your wardrobe turnover and you will eventually be forced to look great on a consistent basis. Soon you will have created the reality of you at your best and be living your dream.

The Right People

Putting energy out into the universe in order to become who you want to be can be as easy as putting yourself in an environment where you are around people who you want to be like. If you want to be physically fit, spend your free time at the gym. If you want to succeed in a particular business field, attend networking events aimed at this group of people. Before you know it, you will be among your peers, having created the reality that you and those you admire are on equal levels of success.

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