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Mastering Self Control

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12. März 2021

What is true self mastery? What does it mean to gain self control? Self control also known as self mastery is often too easy to assume that we understand what it means. To understand how to gain self control,we must return to the basics. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines self mastery as follows:

SELF – Its a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others.

MASTER – Its to acquire complete knowledge of or skill in an accomplishment, technique or art.

Self master is not merely restraint but its a journey one goes on to become their optimal self and improve their identity, both in perception and experience.More scientists are discovering the importance of self-control as a force we can tap into to have a more successful and satisfying life.But self control is a limited resource that is depleted with use.When we exercise control in one situation, we’re less likely to keep cool the next time we’re faced with a situation that requires self-control.

Fundamentally, self control allows us to enjoy the good things of life in moderation, without wanting too much ,and knowing when we have had enough. There are five types of self-control namely:

a)Emotional self-control

b)Financial self-control

c)cognitive self-control

d)motor self-control

e)perspective-taking self-control

Now that we already know what self control is and the different types, let’s look at the different strategies for developing self control;~


Willpower represents strength or psychological energy that one uses to resist other temptations in order to work toward one’s goal and thus having only one goal makes self control more successful than when we have two or more conflicting goals.


An important aspect of self control is when a person has self-perceived ability to achieve it.In the face of difficulties, people with weak self confidence easily develop doubts about their ability to accomplish the task at hand whereas those with strong beliefs are more likely to continue their efforts to master a task when difficulties arise.


This is a form of feedback therefore, monitoring progress toward goal attainment helps one concentrate on goal relevant activities.Self monitoring helps us to become experts on our behaviours.


Viewing ourselves as free and responsible for our actions is the foundation for self-discipline.Evidence proof that people are more able to deal with stress when they feel that they are in control.Believe that things are beyond your control and they probably will be.


The more you want the goal, the more likely you are willing to make the efforts and sacrifices required to achieve it.The strength of people’s commitment to something depends on its value to them and the chance that the value will occur and thus no motivation to pursue the goal if the value of the goal is zero, no matter how high the likehood of success.Similarly, there will be no motivation if the expected chance is quite low.

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