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What To Do About Tiredness

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18. November 2021

Every activity you do requires energy.

Tiredness could be displayed in different ways, mostly fatigue, insomnia, as well as lack of concentration. If not careful, tiredness can lead to a loss of passion, for your work, friendships, family, etc.

By the way, resting and sleeping are not similar. Sleeping is a form of rest for the physical self and though you may have enough of it, still you might find yourself tired in some other areas.

So, what then do we do when we are tired and want to regain our energy? Rest

Rest = Restoration

Here’s the explanation.

There are 7 types of rest that a human needs to feel recharged. (Mental, Physical, Sensory, Creative, Emotional, Spiritual and Social )

The same way a car is serviced in different sections – brake pads, gas or battery recharge, aircon refill, etc. Similarly, humans need to recharge in different areas.

If you define rest based on a one-sided approach you will still be deprived of it – and end up thinking that it doesn’t work. For instance, watching TV or browsing through your phone. Yes, you are physically resting; but your mind and emotions are still active!

How to get maximum rest

To get proper rest, you need to start by identifying what exactly it is you are lacking in your system. For example,

  • Are you snapping at your partner for no reason? Then you lack emotional rest.
  • What about lack of concentration? Then your mental energy is on low.
  • When on the freeway and driving around other cars, your sensory and mental rest applies more than your physical body would.

For Emotional, Sensory, and Creative Rest

Free up your in-person on-location commitment by automating some of the functions by relying on technology.

For example, Leveraging AI and using algorithms-based tech devices can guide your habits and implement automated repetitive tasks easily.

Using a device like Alexa, it’s easier to schedule your meetings, get reminders on certain tasks, as well as check on the news without having to physically browse on your phone or TV.

Content Management software and programs such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow you to organize social posts in batches to be publicly dispersed throughout the day or week, depending on your preference.

Automated cooling and heating, as well as door locks, and sensory lighting, helps you reduce your work around the house and create more room for rest

Asking a workmate to fill in on your behalf for a few minutes or hours might give your mind that much-needed break.

If you are a student, why not sit out one class session if it’s too much for you to concentrate and later on compare notes with your classmate?

How about reading a book instead of watching TV that night? Maybe you and your spouse can go for a walk in the park and get some fresh air for a change.

Maybe visiting nature parks or art galleries occasionally, and redecorating your workplace with images and artwork that inspires you from such places, could give you a creative rest

All these suggestions reduce time spent staring at computer screens, background noises, and everything else that overloads your mind and brain in general.

This way, your mental, sensory and creative rest is achieved.

For Emotional Rest

Find a friend or someone you trust to open up any emotional loads. A person willing to listen to you as you open up your thoughts on them is a nice way of therapy without having to attend a clinic for the same.

Talk of that breakup, or guilt, or failure that you find hard to get past and keeps you awake overnight. Meet regularly and converse on the same till you are ready to close the chapter on it all.

This will give you an emotional rest in the long run.

For Spiritual Rest

Besides the obvious – prayer, bible reading, etc – join a prayer community, avail yourself for voluntary work and any community-targetted events organized by your church.

Perhaps visit a different church for a service to have a change a little bit.

Maybe you have a Christian friend that you have not been in touch with for some time – give them a call or have a chat.

If you can, go for the camping event nearby or go on a charity-based vacation/missionary trip and have a different atmosphere that will uplift you spiritually.

This way, you will find that missing groove back on!

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