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A Review on Odoo

Erstellt von Chris

6. März 2021

Odoo, formerly openERP; is a business software that offers a wide array of business solutions, which includes Sales and Project Management, e-commerce functions, warehouse management, financial management, and other types of business operations.
Odoo can be used by 1 user to large company employees like 100,000 users. The software is full featured and user-friendly – thanks to its superb easy-to-use interface. It’s also flexible and multi-purpose, meaning different projects can be operated simultaneously; all on a single platform.

Some of the functionalities that this software provides includes:

⦁ the ability to build detailed graphs, reports and other business presentations in any format the user needs;
⦁ automating transactions and giving complete traceability to warehouse owners.
⦁ Creating seamless appealing websites; even for designers without coding know-how
⦁ Organizing daily schedules and managing tasks automatically like making entry into an accounting journal
⦁ SEO tool available can help new businesses improve their browser search results positions.
⦁ For the human resource department, the user can be alerted when a staff member is on leave, which helps in delegating tasks to present-only members. Furthermore, updating employees directory is much easier due to the extensive dashboard.
⦁ Odoo is also an effective tool for creating invoices, and efficiently tracking orders made to customers.
⦁ With Mass mailing campaigns module; you can design, send and track emails. Other similar modules include Live Chat, which can help you engage in a Live chat with your customers/visitors
⦁ Forum module is also great for creating FAQs, starting a Q&A site.
⦁ You can also create your own app from scratch; using the Odoo Studio.

How much does it Cost?

For starters, you have an option of using the Free Basic Plan. This includes 1 app, cloud hosting and accomodating upto 50 users on the same platform.
Other pricing packages include Online Package and Enterprise Package.
The community edition is free.

Drawbacks of Odoo

Even though using and mastering operations done through Odoo appear simple and clean-cut, the software has various drawbacks that denies users 100% business application.

First, with Odoo, you can scan your inventory’ barcodes, enter product data and serial numbers into the spreadsheets manually. It lacks the ease needed for importing product info directly.
Secondly, The app and website has no knowledgebase, relevant for customer help and support. Support is available only for the paying users accessing higher levels of the app.

You can download and install Odoo to your desktop/laptop. (Currently only windows and ubuntu versions are available). Since the starter(community) plan is free of charge, you can try it and gauge if it’s the right tool suited for your business management needs.

Download Link :

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