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AnyDesk Review

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28. Oktober 2021

AnyDesk is free software that allows you to work on a remote PC or share your screen with another user (especially for collaborative work).

For instance, when working from home and need tech support from your company’s IT department – all you need is AnyDesk for the IT specialist to log in, get connected to your PC and help you set up everything or solve any PC issues, without having to come over to your place.

What makes AnyDesk stand out is its portability (You don’t need to install it to use it ), speed, and free use (for private use though). It’s also a secure tool.

AnyDesk has been around since 2015, and it’s a product of a German Proprietary Company.

For business purposes, AnyDesk is pretty affordable, starting at $11/month

How it works

After clicking the .exe downloaded file or opening the installed software, the AnyDesk user dashboard provides you with a “Desk ID “. This is the address that can be used by any other AnyDesk user to access your PC.

Otherwise, if you want to control another remote PC, just enter the ID of the other PC and request a connection. The user on the other end will either accept your request or cancel it. And that’s it!

By the way, AnyDesk is not available for PC only – it can be used on Android, iOS, Linux machines and mobile devices.

AnyDesk vs Teamviewer

Based on the free versions of both software, Teamviewer is a bit laggy and has limitations, especially if you’re using it for commercial purposes. Also, its User Interface is a bit cluttered – not the best, compared to AnyDesk.

AnyDesk on the other hand is quite fast even with a slower internet connection. Also, AnyDesk has more functional options – that are necessary for remote work; and it’s easier to work on a remote PC with multiple display monitors.

This makes it a great alternative to TeamViewer.

Why you need to be careful when using AnyDesk

Unfortunately, AnyDesk can be misused. Especially by scammers purporting to be tech support for a certain brand or company – with a goal of defrauding you.

Before you download or share your AnyDesk PC address with anyone – find out why it’s necessary. If you don’t need anyone to access your PC to fix an issue, then simply don’t have AnyDesk running on your machine either!

Additionally, before allowing connection from another AnyDesk user, confirm with them the right ID address, either by calling them firsthand or via text message. You don’t want to give access to the wrong user.

Tip: always be available on your PC in person, when you have someone working on your PC remotely – they might transfer private files or access documents that they ought not to. Don’t trust anyone!

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