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Review on free vs paid

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6. Juli 2020

Hubspot is a platform that provides vital tools for managing social media account, tracking leads success and web analytics, search engine optimization as well as inbound management of sales and marketing services.
Its main target is small – medium businesses; which include those in: accounting, real estate, sales, marketing as well as retail.
Some of the well known features that have upheld this software include CRM (customer relations management), email marketing tracking, leads’ contact management and social media posts automation.
For instance, instead of tweeting real-time; one can schedule tweets to go live at a particular hour in the future.
Over the years it has become very popular; though with limitations that are highlighted below.
The Hubspot user interface is quite intuitive; which means setting up and running the software is quite easy to do.
There are quite a number of third party platforms that can be integrated directly to the hubspot software for a seamless business management and record monitoring.
It’s also easy to customize the email marketing templates as well as tracking paid social media marketing campaigns in an in-depth level of analyzing traffic behavior.

Hubspot’s Free version

The Hubspot team guarantees that free version is available forever!
Hence, less risk in terms of expenditure and also gives the user a chance to take a look around and see if it rhymes to their expectations.
It offers unlimited users and tons of features especially on the CRM solutions.
The visual dashboard is easy to use
Additionally, should the going seem tough, there’s a lot of learning resources at your disposal. These range from webinars as well as help library providing step-by-step training for customers on how to effectively utilize the hubspot’s tools.

Downside of Hubspot’s Paid version

Speaking of paid version; Hubspot CRM shouldn’t be confused with the Hubspot digital marketing automation. The former starts at around $50 monthly for the paid version, but the information below is for the latter!
Hubspot digital marketing automation premium plans are quite costly!
There are quite lots of addons and to pay for each one that you might need amounts to large sums of money spent around getting a full experience.
Example; the marketing pricing plans for professional and enterprise packages; you need a minimum 12-month contract which means upfront annual billing by default. That means, $800 or $3,200 monthly .
Should you opt for the bundle pricing for different professional products all together; a monthly median price of $1,700 is your starting point and might go as high as $5,600.
Since hubspot prides itself as a platform for helping small business grow their online campaigns easily; the A/B split testing happens to be one of their expensive offer. At $2,400/monthly, that quite a steep price for a small business.
Should you need some technical advice or support, you’ll need to pay for it too
Some of the premium tools on hubspot can be found elsewhere either for a cheaper offer or completely free. Maybe because all the tools at hubspot are integrated together might seem reasonable than having multiple tools in different places

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