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Skype – A Useful Communication Software

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25. Juni 2020

Skype is a service offered by Microsoft, used for making VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) local and international calls, Video and Instant messaging chats.


To get started, on your browser; type the link: then click the download button to get the software on your device.
After installation, select your preferred language to set as default. Then sign up an account with microsoft ( or, that will be used to sign in on skype.
Furthermore, you can also use your Facebook account to sign up on skype.
The next step is logging in to your account, and configuring your camera, microphone and speakers, this ensures quality settings for your Voice and Video calls. Also upload a profile photo to enable others identify you quicker.
Finally, you can search for existing skype users to connect with.


On the contact icon, it’s easier to find friends on the search box.
You can find friends and colleagues by typing their name, email or even phone number.
Once you add them to your contact list, you can send them a notification note where you introduce yourself and wait for them to accept your request.
from then, you can make free voice and video calls.


Skype can also be downloaded as a software on your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Ipad and tablet.
If you have photos, Videos, Text files or even office report that you wanted to share with someone; skype offers the ability to securely drag the files into your chat window and directly transfer it to the other person.


Skype enables its users to make Video Calls where both users can use webcam enabled devices to see and speak to each other.
Voice Calling can be used when the users prefer not to use webcam or if their devices don’t have webcam at all.
Furthermore, in the event where you want to send a text message, or call a landline or mobile number to someone both locally and internationally; Skype offers
cheaper and affordable rates as well, which you can purchase as Skype Credit.
Instant messaging, is also another free feature that allows people to share messages, transfer files and even plan their schedules especially family holiday and office work provided the people involved in the conversation have skype accounts.

Skype has revolutionized internet to an extent that phone call, file transfer, chats and video conferencing are available at a single platform, and also their relatively fast speed, good voice and video quality and easy user interfaces have contributed a lot to an easier communication around the globe.


Besides, individual and family use, Skype is also great for group meetings, due to impeccable features that include: sharing screens, use of collaborative whiteboard, exchange of Presentations and Spreadsheets; as well as holding a single entity conference of up to 25 people maximum — All for free
However, “Skype for Business” is a new upgraded version of Skype that lets business people to add up to 250 participants in a single online meeting.
Also, its advanced security level allows easier and discreet managed of employee accounts. But then this Option costs about $2 every month for each user.


With around 8 languages for speech-to-speech translation and over 50 languages’ translation for text-based chats, skype has really made a progress in breaking down language barriers between friends, family members and even work colleagues.

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