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All-in-One PCs

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18. Februar 2021

An all-in-one PC is a desktop plus monitor integrated in one unit, together with its system components. This means that you don’t need the traditional system of having a separate desktop CPU and monitor, being connected with cables.
All in one PCs are meant to offer a happy visual solution in both physical terms of hardware and the functionality power and performance.
Some of these PCs come with built-in touch screen, which make them feel like a giaxi tablet. The cost of an All-in-one PC should be relatively lower compared to the individual laptops/desktops/monitors – since it takes a piece of each and assembles it all as one.

What to consider when buying an All-in-one PC

With hundreds of brands manufacturing these PCs, is may be overwhelming to choose what suits you best. But we share some tips that will help you into making the right decision on what to buy.
Since the All-in-one PCs bridge a laptop and the traditional desktop, it seeks to address the display, the performance, the portability and the cost-efficiency.
Always, when you go into the market, look to first answer this question : What task do you need the PC to handle?
Not all in one PCs come with the same specifications. In fact, different PCs are rated based on what they can accomplish, which by itself is a contrast in what the buyer is looking for.
Some PCs come with a 4K display, and discrete graphics – making them suitable for watching cable or playing games. Others boast sleek style and strong performance for creative productivity projects.
Other PCs may not stand up the competition against those with large display screens, but they come with lots of storage spaces – perhaps in Terabytes; hence making them nice for family PCs, since it’s ideal for storing an entire media collection library.
Once you have the functionality forte covered, then the rest of the features can come in second. For instance, don’t go for sleek design, yet less productivity power performance, when you are an architect! Start with what matters more.

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