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Android OS – The Mobile Engine

Erstellt von Chris

18. März 2021

Android OS is a popular mobile operating system developed by Google.
This OS is used by most of the smartphone brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Google Pixel.
Its user experience is great. You can multitask and switch between apps, handle notification easily, customize the entire OS theme and functionality, side load apps and also there are tons of apps on th play store to help you with your daily tasks!
Other features that have been noticed on latest Android OS release include the Artificial Intelligence – google assistance, which works by dicttion. This is great for content query and normal conversation breakers like weather, route maps, latest news, what’s trending etc

It’s easier to find more choices of smartphone devices that run on Android OS in the market today. This means you have a ton of range for any budget.
With all these good stuff being said about android OS, there are a couple of not-so-good issues that come with it. This aint a deal breaker for the OS lovers, but hopefully, as time goes by, there may be an improvement that outwins these cons.
The androis OS cones with less polished apps. If you compare iOS to Android, the latter is way to behind in terms of quality and picky apps. Since the play store has more apps and variety and even it being easier to publish an app, it has become less robust, with other spam and malware apps posing security threat to smartphone users.
Most companies that want to reach out to their clients, develop iOS apps first and android apps come later. This is because of the less professionalism that android currently has.

Lastly, android OS division on Google has less customer support service and response compared to other OS out there.

Bottomline : Android OS is nice, easy and quick but there’s a room for improvement – especially in regards to professionalism, security and customer support.

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