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NAS – Network Attached Storage

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18. Februar 2021

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a storage device ideal for storing and retrieving large amount of data; configured & managed via . In other words, NAS is like having a cloud in your workspace.
NAS devices are the new solutions to provision of critical storage function for the firms and businesses with rapid data growth, especially the mid-range data center.
These devices have a standing tall reputation, compared to other competitive storage systems; due to their upscaled reliability, cost-effectiveness, performance, ease-of-use and durability.
For instance, some NAS systems can be set up to run in less than fifteen minutes. Furthermore, you don’t need to constantly monitor the device, or even higher an IT specialist for the maintenance – yet it serves heavy workloads; especially for the IT firms.

Types of NAS Devices

These NAS devices are grouped in 3 major categories : mainly due to their scalability and much needed user’s needs

  1. High-end NAS : – These provide much higher space storage. They are ideal for the high-end businesses, and corporations that store enormous files and operate big projects that need rapid access capabilities to these files.
  2. Midmarket NAS : – Shared access to a couple of terabytes of data. It’s ideal for creating large file-system storage.
  3. Low-end NAS : – perfect for small businesses and home networks.
    Some of the common uses of NAS devices include organizing scattered data that is out of sync, designating users access to files on the storage units without having to necessarily plug in to the drive, serving HD videos to multiple gadgets simultaneously,
    Some NAS are able to handle nowadays more than just ordinary storage tasks. Equipped with lots of RAM and fast multicore CPU’s, they can have webserver, email servers, collaboration suites or even run VM’s. So they became a serious alternative to traditional home servers.

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