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Setting up Raspberry Pi Mini Computer

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6. März 2021

In this post, you’ll learn how to get started with your Raspberry Pi, how to boot it, and connecting it to WiFi network.
Raspberry Pi is a a small computer that you connect a monitor and mouse to; and start using.
To get started in setting up this micro computer, you’ll need the following :

A raspberry pi computer with micro SD Memory card and Raspbian OS installed, a monitor connected via HDMI cable, USB Keyboard and mouse, power source and LAN network cable for internet connectivity.
Assemble everything – the external hardwares and cables connecting it to the Raspberry Pi micro computer. Secondly, insert the micro SD card with the already installed Raspbian OS. Finally, boot the microcomputer by pluging it into the power source.
After pluging the power cable onto the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, you’ll notice it powers up with a red light.
On the screen, you’ll be presented with the installation window with the available OS. Select to install the Raspbian. The process will take awhile, but it will be fully installed into the computer.
Once it’s ready, a graphical desktop will appear onto the connected monitor.
By default, the access menu is located on the upper-left corner. When you click the Raspberry start icon, you’ll find various applications on the droplist.
These include : Internet, Programming apps, Chromium apps for internet browsing, and so much more. You can use them as any other computer.
How to connect to internet using Raspberry Pi computer. First, on the start menu – select Preference, then Raspberry Pi Configuration. On the Localisation tab, choose ‘set WiFi country’
Then select your country from the list, an icon with two X crosses will appear on the menu bar. Click it and then choose what networks are available from the broadcasted SSID addresses. Enter password for the network and instantly the wireless LAN symbol will replace the X crosses – to indicate network connection availability.
When the internet is ready, use the web browser to browse the internet normally as you would on any computer.

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