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Wireless Local Area Network

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19. Februar 2021

This network is relied by WiFi enabled devices to connect to the internet or local area network like an office intranet.
The signal strength relayed by these WLAN devices vary and don’t guarantee same broadcast range. This connection difference is influenced by a couple of factors that are not limited to : indoor/outdoor placement. upground level etc.
Since the WLAN communication is largely dependent on radio frequency, its signal may fluctuate, especially if there are present obstructions on its broadcast path.
Wireless LAN interference is vital to consider if planning on getting good signal performance. Some of the factors that may cause this interference include :

  • Environmental like lightining and foggy weather may weaken the WLAN signal that passes through them.
  • Physical & electronic objects. These include the household electrical items like the refrigerator, microwaves, cordless telephone, wireless monitors etc
  • Other networks. For instance, if you live in a densely/crowded area, chances are that your neighbors are using WLAN as well and your networks are overlapping. Consequently, the hinderance by surrounding networks, may cause the interference on your WLAN range.
    One of the best ways to avoid these interference is by using devices and gadgets that are Wi-Fi friendly and that can actually use the WLAN instead of being against it. Also, make sure your router firmware is upto date – this can sometimes help fix little bugs.
    Also, secure your WLAN network access, with a secure password. Don’t use the too obvious passwords, neither should it be a hard-to-guess password, that you may end up forgetting as well. This will help in doing away with data theft speculations that are common for users on networks with disabled encryption.
    Furthermore, it’s recommended to use a dual-band router – that supports simultaneous 2.4GHZ and 5GHz signal broadcast. This will provide multiple channels for receiving and transmitting data, with less interference.

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