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Review : LG Minibeam PH550G Projector

Erstellt von Thomas Sommer

4. Dezember 2018

Minibeam PH550G is a portable projector from LG; and is quite good in performance, since it’s fit for all seasons .
The device has Smart TV capabilities plus its image quality is really decent. It can project upto 100-inches of 1080p full HD image.
The Projector can fit in any travel bag and can be used outdoor as well, without the need for a power source – since its in-built battery offers an uptime of 2.5 hours.
With the smart TV built-in, the user can stream movies, YouTube videos as well as Netflix directly, without connecting to an external TV streamer.
The Projector remote is easy to use and works quite responsively, to change channels, volume levels, as well as other settings for the Minibeam device.
Its large-scale display creates an A-level experience for gaming, especially for multi-players’ games on PS4, XBOX etc
In terms of brightness, the Minibeam Projector does perform great; especially on dark environments with no complains. On the other hand, on brighter environs, this is a challenge – even though it’s majorly meant for portability and smart TV capabilities.

Hardware Specs
– 1 x USB 2.0
– HDMI port
– VGA port
– 3,5mm AV in
– 3.5mm Audio
– Manual Focus/Zoom lens
– Power Supply Adapter (100V – 240V @ 50~60 Hz)
– Product Dimensions : 6.9 x 4.3 x 1.7 inches
– Net Weight : 650g
– Kensington lock, tripod hole, leg-stand available.
– Primary color : White

Key Features
– Display Resolution : HD(1280×720)
– Contrast Ratio : 100,000:1
– Brightness : 550 (Lumens)
– Projection Image Size : 25 – 100 inches
– Light source – Type : RGB LED
– Lamp durability : 30,000 Hrs (single lamp can comfortably work 8 hours/day for 10 years )
– Sound output : 1W + 1W Stereo
– Bluetooth support : Yes
– Wireless Connection (w/ Android O/S, WiDi)
– Power Consumption : 55W (Max)
– Operation Temperature : 0 ~ 40 Degrees Celsius
– Supports both Wireless and Wired Mirroring * (adapter cable not included)
– USB Host for movies, photos & Music (HD DIvX),

This is relatively an area that the Projector could be improved on, but it’s not a big fuss – the Speakers. They don’t sound the greatest, since it’s a small device; but this is easily resolved by connecting the projector to a Bluetooth speaker for better Audio quality.
After quite some time, the projector’s temperature does get hot – but there’s no functional issues.

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