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Small Business Website Design Strategies

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16. Juli 2021

For a small business a website can have a massive impact on whether that small business thrives or dies out.

There are some varios important differences to consider between websites built for large businesses and those built for small businesses.

First, don’t try to look and act like the big boys.

If you are a small business please do not plaster your site with platitudes like “family owned since 17th century” or “customer service is our specialty” blah blah.

Companies like IKEA, BMW and CocaCola can get away with having pretty sites that “blather” on and on using all kinds of corporate jargon – but a small business cannot do that.

Here’s why…

Big companies are already established brands!

A small business website needs to prioritize ‘grabbing its site visitors by the throat’ with some hard hitting headlines and copy and get busy proving its case because before visiting that website it’s likely the visitor has never heard of that small business.

Think of it like a courtroom.

The small business is on trial. Its products and services are suspect from the get go.

That small business needs to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that it can provide the best value over its competitors.

What’s worse is that you only have about 8 seconds from the time the visitor hits the homepage to the time they click the back button to hook them into your sales copy!

The number one difference here is the copy. A small business website needs to be a life support unit for its unique selling proposition or USP not a contestant in this year’s flashy “foo foo” web design award contest.

Win customers not awards.

Forget the animation and music and go easy on the images. What a small business needs is a lean, mean conversion machine.

Studies show the visitors don’t even consciously register images until after they have absorbed the copy on the page.

Makes sense because what they came for was information not the old receptionist at the desk on the phone pictures that we have seen over and over again.

They want to know who the heck you are and what you can do for them and make it snappy!

It’s brutal but that’s the way it works. A small business that knows this and applies this to their website has a huge advantage over those who don’t. So if you are a small business owner and need a website keep this article in mind or if you have an existing website take a look at it and reevaluate it’s effectiveness in light of this information.

Small changes can have dramatic effects on sales conversion.

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