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Visual editor for WordPress

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7. Juli 2020

Designing websites is quite a lot of fun, but can be frustrating if you happen to have a complicated initial way around software used.
When it comes to web designing, you need a really really good software. And this is a review for one of the best out there – whether it’s for the beginner designers or pro experienced developers!

Divi Builder Overview and Benefits

Divi builder is a visual drag and drop website page builder plugin for WordPress, developed by
It’s important to note that as a user, you can opt to use Divi as a standalone plugin or use a ‘Divi All in One Theme’ which comes with the builder pre-installed. That’s a nice option to have
Pricing structure is one of the best, with option for either of two license plans.
The first one is: Lifetime access for $249 which comes with unlimited access to 100+ premade layouts, premium support, website usage, and access to other plugins by
The other is: Yearly access for $89. Again, should you choose the this yearly option; once your subscription duration elapses, you won’t lose any of your projects; only that you will have no access to premium support and updates – still a worth deal. Right?
Both plans can be used for the same plugin on unlimited websites!
Let’s take a look at some of the features worth a mention of this builder:

Divi UI (User Interface) Review
When creating new pages using Divi builder; one can only appreciate the ease around it. For instance, you could build a new page from scratch or choose a premade layout (which includes 100+ templates) or simply clone an already existing page.

Divi Remote Access
At the moment there are no other builders offering this service!
This is a feature that grants the Divi support team an access to your website back-end, for a given period to take a look at what’s happening with your website.
You could activate full admin privileges to have them figure out and fix the issues you are unsure about.
Furthermore, should you forget disabling the access, the system will automatically revoke the access token after 4 days of activating it.

Divi Documentation & Help really did take their time in creating an easy to use, reliable help guide for every module and section on Divi Builder. Some of the help resources include video walkthroughs of most features and this ends up saving much of your time.

Safe Mode
Diagnostic tool for you to temporarily disable plugins, custom codes and child theme on the website. This is quite helpful for the administrator to take a look at what’s causing problems and output logs that analyze issues found on the website.
Additionally, this feature disables the system’s plugins on your admin side only, meaning that there won’t be any interruption for the rest of your web visitors.
The other benefit of Safe mode is that it simplifies the work for the Divi Support Team – since when they get an access to your website’s back-end; the error log file will point them to the areas that need fixing.

Divi Builder
Divi builder also has ‘global’ options for header, body and footer of your entire website. This means, you can design only one header or one footer and apply it to every page and post on the website, or multiple templates that you can switch for different posts or pages too!
For developers and experienced Divi designers alike; you have the option of exporting some of the templates in .json files and later import them into other design projects in future, and of course with minor tweaks on the templates, you end up making quite a remarkable design for the next project!

Is it worth it?

Lifetime access is worth for agencies that have tons of website projects to build, with minimal renewals.
The builder has a demo to try it out before signing up for the premium version.
Though you may find it a bit costly to purchase for the lifetime access instead of the annual option; with time you are guaranteed to get value for your money, and for the case of agencies, the amount spent – you do get it back over time while using the builder for professional projects.
So, is it worth it? The answer is, 100% yes!

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